4 Myths About Life Insurance and How We Can Help

Jenna Isch and her team have a passion to help families and small business owners with their insurance and financial services* needs. Jenna is especially passionate about educating her clients and the community about the importance of understanding your insurance coverage options and life insurance. In the list below, Jenna breaks down the biggest myths she hears regarding life insurance.

Myth #1 I have life insurance at work, that’s enough.

Many employers provide life insurance benefits to their employees as a part of the employee benefit plan. This is a fantastic benefit for people to get free or greatly reduced life insurance coverage. But often times, this is only $20,000-$50,000 or 1-2 times your salary. In the event of your untimely death, would that be enough to replace the loss of your income, pay final expenses, pay the mortgage, send your kids to college, etc.? Chances are it’s not enough coverage. Also, this benefit is only available as long as your employer provides it. If you were to change jobs, retire, or if your benefit plan changes, you probably will not be able to take this coverage with you. Unless you plan to work until the day you die, you could be creating a large financial burden for your family and loved ones.

Myth #2 Life Insurance it too expensive.

According to www.lifehappens.org, 80% of consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance. From term, to whole and universal life, the cost of insurance and coverage options can vary. We work with clients to develop a personal needs analysis so we recommend the right coverage at the right price. Many times, making small adjustments to your budget, like reducing your Starbucks habit, or eating out one meal less a month can save enough to cover the cost of life insurance. Our job is to protect our clients’ assets and, to your family, you are their most important asset. Doesn’t it make sense to protect yourself too?

Myth #3 I have time to get life insurance later

“I’m a smoker and I want to quit first.” “I want to lost weight first.” “I have time to get life insurance later.” We hear these excuses all the time. What you may not know is that insurability has an expiration date. What would happen to your family if you were to die before you quit smoking or lose weight? Or what if your health status changes before later arrives? Life insurance is a policy that you must qualify for and you qualify with your health. The younger and healthier you are the easier it is to qualify and the chances of getting a preferred rate are much better.

We know that as we age, our bodies start to break down, and we won’t live forever. As an agency, we don’t know when you’ll lose your insurability, but eventually it will happen. Is it worth putting your family’s financial future at risk if you should pass away unexpectedly? You’re better off getting a policy in place as soon as you can and, if you do quit smoking or lose weight or whatever the delay may be, we can update your insurance plan accordingly.

Myth #4 I don’t need life insurance.

Life insurance is not for you, it’s for the people you love who are left behind. The only people who don’t need life insurance are people who don’t love anyone. Even people who are single or children can benefit from having life insurance now. Kids, teens and young adults do grow up and will probably have families of their own someday, so doesn’t it make sense that they should start off on the right financial foot while they are young?

If your untimely death would cause a financial burden on anyone in your life, you need life insurance. When you die, and your loved ones go to the funeral home to plan your memorial, the first question asked is, “did they have life insurance?” This is because death is a business too. It would be horrible for your family to have to obtain a loan or set up a crowdfunding campaign to pay for your funeral. They should be allowed to spend their time grieving and finding peace, not worrying about how your memorial will be paid for.

TRUTH: Everyone can benefit from life insurance.

Whether you’re single or married, in your twenties or fifties, “fit” or ”unhealthy”, you need life insurance. Remember, life insurance is put in place to ensure that your loved ones can keep on living, even after you’re gone. Show your family how much you love them. Let’s start the conversation about life insurance today. Your family and loved ones will be glad you did.

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