4 Myths About Life Insurance and How We Can Help

see how isch insurance in lafayette indiana can help you with your life insurance policies

Jenna Isch and her team have a passion to help families and small business owners with their insurance and financial services* needs. Jenna is especially passionate about educating her clients and the community about the importance of understanding your insurance coverage options and life insurance. In the list below, Jenna breaks down the biggest myths she…

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Attention Business Owners – Life Insurance in Lafayette, IN

see what a life insurance policy from isch insurance in lafayette indiana can do for you

As an Insurance agent in downtown Lafayette, Indiana, I help families and small business owners protect what matters most to them. One of my goals for 2017 is to focus on helping more people with their life insurance needs. I want to share a little about how life insurance should be an important part of your business plans. As…

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Why Kids Life Insurance – An Investment in Their Future

see how a kids life insurance policy can benefit your children in the future

During the holiday season, we tend to be very sentimental. We talk about how thankful we are for what we have – whether that is our families, health, friends, or careers. We gather, to be with our loved ones and we think about how we would do anything to protect them. That’s why our staff…

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Protect What You Are Most Thankful For…Life Insurance

protect your family with life insurance from isch in lafayette indiana

If I told you there was a way to protect what you were most thankful for, would you take advantage of it? Every day in Lafayette, Indiana, at Isch Insurance, we help people insure their homes and cars. While those things are important, when it comes down to it, most people wouldn’t say their car…

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Life Insurance – For Those You Care About

see how life insurance can benefit your whole family at isch insurance in lafayette indiana

Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, especially if the people you love depend on you financially.  You probably would want to do whatever you could to help and protect them. Life insurance is the tool to do just that. It is hard to think about those “what ifs” in life but if…

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