Protect What You Are Most Thankful For…Life Insurance

If I told you there was a way to protect what you were most thankful for, would you take advantage of it? Every day in Lafayette, Indiana, at Isch Insurance, we help people insure their homes and cars. While those things are important, when it comes down to it, most people wouldn’t say their car was the most important thing in their life. Almost everyone would say their family and the people in their life top that list, not the things. That is the beauty of life insurance; it truly protects what matters most.

Almost seven months ago now, my husband Andy and I welcomed our daughter Quinn into this world. As any parent will say, from that point on, our lives forever changed. From our priorities and expenses to our social calendar and sleep schedule, all of it has changed, including ourlife insurance.

I consider myself lucky, that I work in the insurance industry and am educated and passionate about the importance of life insurance. My husband and I have been purchasing life insurance since age 25 when we bought our first home, but now, with Quinn in the picture, that all takes on a new meaning and importance.

I hope Andy and I live long and full lives, but I know that if something happens to either of us, the other and Quinn will be taken care of financially and our goals as a family will live on. I know Andy will not have to work longer hours, and will still get the joy of spending the evenings dancing to records in the living room with Quinn, and be able to devote the time to coach her future soccer team and pick her up from school. Andy will still be able to build our dream home and Quinn will get to grow up there and share all the memories that we dream for as a family. I know all this for certain because we have life insurance and have planned for the unexpected. No matter what, my family will be taken care of.

At Isch Insurance, we help families plan ahead for the unexpected with life insurance. Call us at 765-838-2781 or email me to have a conversation about your family’s options, and what you can do to make sure their future is secure.