Should I Take the Apartment’s Renters Insurance?

By admin | July 23, 2021
Picture of an apartment with renters insurance

I got an email from a client’s father today about his sons’ renters insurance.  They are moving to a new Purdue University campus apartment this school year and the new complex offers renters insurance as part of the lease.  The father wondered which policy was better.  Many apartment complexes and property management companies have partnerships…

My Claims Experience – Having the Right Coverage Makes a HUGE Difference

By admin | April 30, 2018
isch insurance in lafayette indiana provides renters insurance to protect your assets

By Cheryl Lucas We knew something wasn’t right when the washer and the kitchen sink overflowed.  My son didn’t get very far when he tried to snake the drain. He believed that the drain pipe had collapsed under the slab foundation.  Because my carpet in the hallway and into the living room was soaked and…

Liability Insurance on Your Auto Policy

By admin | April 30, 2018
isch insurance in lafayette indiana provides quality auto insurance

What is auto liability insurance and why do we have to have it?  You are legally required to carry liability insurance on your auto policy.  It is the limit amount of what your insurance company would pay if you are at fault in an accident and other people get hurt or their property is damaged. …

Seasonal Driving Tips

By admin | December 22, 2017
see how an auto insurance plan can benefit you

Winter is here!  Unfortunately, that means snowy and icy roads have to be navigated this time of year.  Here are some reminders to help lower the possibility of having to file an auto insurance claim and ensure that you and your family get to where you’re going safely. USE CAUTION: The distance to stop on icy…

Umbrella Policies

By admin | October 11, 2017
isch insurance in lafayette indiana provides umbrella insurance to give you liability protection

Why do we have insurance? The purpose of insurance is to protect you, your family, and your assets that you’ve worked so hard for when something bad happens.  Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to careful people. Liability insurance is lawsuit protection and pays for court costs and damages that are determined…

Why You Need Insurance on Recreational Vehicles

By admin | July 24, 2017
get coverage for your recreational vehicles with isch insurance in lafayette indiana

When you buy a recreational vehicle, it is easy to imagine all the fun you will have. What unfortunately slips the mind of many is that accidents can happen. While most of the time it is all fun and games, there are times when things can get messy, and I don’t just mean the mud…

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