Life Insurance – For Those You Care About

Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, especially if the people you love depend on you financially.  You probably would want to do whatever you could to help and protect them. Life insurance is the tool to do just that.

It is hard to think about those “what ifs” in life but if you love your family, planning for what if you die is a necessity.  So let’s say you have decided you need life insurance because you love your family, and want to protect them, now what?  How much coverage do you need?  What type of coverage should you buy?  How much can you afford? 

One thing I do with my Lafayette, Indiana clients and prospective clients is a quick exercise to answer the how much and what type questions.  Then we have an honest conversation about budgeting and determine what the most affordable method is right now, and what the plan is for the future. 

Many times people are not able to buy all the life insurance they want or need at one time.  This is why I meet annually with my clients and determine how their needs and budget have changed over time.  This is a service I offer to all my clients, no matter the size of the account.  It is my job to help you make the best insurance decisions for your family. Contact Jenna Isch today to protect your family in the Lafayette, Indiana area.