Finding Solutions to your Problems – Is Your Child’s Lafayette, Indiana Education at Risk?

School is back in session across the country, including in greater Lafayette, Indiana.  One thing may people are being hit with is the rising costs of a college education.  Locally, Purdue University came under fire this month when the area media reported the cost of a Boilermaker education has increased by more than 100% since 2000.

This realization can be very overwhelming for parents hoping to send their kids to college.  Finding solutions for college planning is one thing agents, like me, help clients do.

A disciplined approach to saving is the first step, but it is just as important to plan for the unexpected.  That way your children’s goals can still be achieved even if you’re not around to see them; due to illness, accident or death.

You can help protect your children’s dreams of a higher education with life insurance.  Premature death can devastate your family’s savings plan.  But having enough life insurance can help you complete those plans no matter what happens.  Some life insurance policies even build cash value and can help you grow these college savings.

Call Isch Insurance and we can talk about your individual situation, so I can help you make the best decision that fits your family’s needs and budget in the Lafayette, Indiana area.