Communication – How We Make Clients a Priority

One big concern about shopping for insurance or even contacting your insurance company is that dreaded phone call and wondering, “Will I ever get to a real person?” At Isch Insurance Services, that answer is always YES! Not only will you always get a real person to speak with, we also provide you with different communication options. We interact with you the way you prefer.

Option #1: Face-to-face

Face- to- face is the oldest form of communication there is and it’s wonderful. It can be refreshing to come into the office and speak with us and have a more hands on approach to your policy. We’re always happy to see smiling faces come into the office. It is our favorite because we get a better opportunity to build a relationship with you.

Option #2: Telephone

Telephone communication is great because it allows you to quickly ask questions, make payments, and more without having to make a trip to the office. We understand that with work, kids, and life it can be difficult to find the time to come into the office to discuss business. And, if we’re not available when you call – leave a message! We’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Option #3: Email

Email is another great option as it is quick and convenient. It allows you, the client, to touch base with our agency at your convenience. You also have an electronic record of the conversation. It is our goal in the office to offer a prompt response. We try to answer all emails during business hours the same day, or at least within 24 hours.

Option #4: Text Messaging

Texting our clients from our office phone is a newer option at Isch Insurance Services, but it’s been absolutely wonderful. It not only allows our office to quickly communicate with our clients but also allows them to respond back with convenience. Text messaging is also a form of communication that allows us to communicate with those who don’t have email (or don’t check it regularly) but also don’t have the time to talk on the phone, it’s quick and it’s easy! You can even text us pictures after an accident or claim and documents to validate discounts.

Option #5: Social Media

Social media as we know is a highly used form of communication, which is why we find it important to give our current and prospective clients the ability to contact us via social media too. Our agency has a Facebook page where we regularly provide content for our clients about anything from safety tips to community events. We love to interact with out clients on social media, so like, comment, share and message us.

Regardless of your preferred communication, we at Isch Insurance Services will always be here to address your needs and find a solution!