Renting Your Property: Landlord Insurance Lafayette, IN

Have you been thinking about renting out your vacation home or lake cottage? Since your family only uses it a few months out of the year, making money on the property through rentals sounds pretty good for the other months, right? Companies like VRBO, AirBnB and HomeAway allow you, the homeowner, to rent your home to a tenant for as for as long or short of a term as you’d like, all while making a pretty penny!

Landlord Insurance Lafayette, IN

Ready to pull the trigger and let someone pay to stay in your home? Not so fast. Regular Homeowners or Vacation Home Insurance isn’t going to give you the right kind or amount of coverage you need. You’re going to need a specialized policy, and our staff at Isch Insurance can help make your decision a whole lot easier!

Because this is a property you’re going to be renting out to tenants, a good place to start is with Landlord Insurance in Lafayette, IN. Protecting you from most direct, sudden and accidental physical losses, our Landlord Insurance will make sure you have liability coverage, peril coverage (fire, lightning, etc), and more. And since having many short term tenants presents a higher risk, don’t forget to make sure your policy includes additional coverage specifically for short term vacation rentals! This added coverage will help to replace any income lost if you were ever unable to rent out your home due to an insurance claim.  

Jenna Isch, Lafayette, IN

Finally feel ready to rent out your vacation home? Just make sure to call Jenna and our staff at 765-838-2781 so we can make sure your property is covered with Landlord insurance in Lafayette, IN. We know you’ll be glad you did.