Why Do I Need Rental Insurance?

When you rent, it is easy to believe that your landlord is responsible for any trouble that might come your way while you are in your apartment or house. While many leases state that the landlord handles repairing standard maintenance issues, many types of damage to your personal property are not covered.  Your landlord is responsible for the building you live in, but not your stuff. For all extenuating circumstances (and there are plenty), rental insurance will have you and your property covered.

Renters insurance covers the things your landlord doesn’t.

Every lease is different, but they all have fine print that tells you what you really need to know. If you read carefully, you will see that there are a lot of things that your landlord just doesn’t cover. That’s where renters insurance comes in, to protect your possessions in your Lafayette, Indiana home.

Rental insurance covers the following things that your landlord probably doesn’t:

Theft: This is a big one. If you are the victim of a break-in, the items stolen from you are not covered by your landlord’s insurance. Rental insurance can help you replace what you lost, and feel a little bit safer when you leave home.
Visitors’ Injuries: If one of your guests happens to get hurt while visiting your home,rental insurance can make sure they are taken care of, and that you are not required to pay their medical bills in full. You can get the help you need as a liable party, and your guest can get the medical attention they deserve.
Mother Nature: Many natural disasters may be covered under the landlord’s insurance, but that only protects the actual rental property, not your stuff. Rental insurance is a necessity if you want your personal items to be protected from the wrath of Mother Nature.Normal Wear and Tear: Accidental damage that you cause is almost never covered by landlords, but rental insurance can help protect you and your things from the dangers of everyday living.

You have options

Just like other kinds of insurance, rental insurance has different plans and options. You can choose the right dollar amount of coverage to protect your possessions.  From $4 thousand to $100 thousand, we can have you covered.  We can make sure your valuables like, jewelry, computer and electronic equipment, firearms, and artwork are also covered in full. You can even include extended protection to cover the unexpected and feel completely safe as a renter.

The low cost is worth it

Sometimes people fear rental insurance will be too expensive. In reality, rental insurance can cover a great deal of property for only a few hundred dollars per year or less. Renting can be risky business, and the affordable cost of rental insurance is an extra reason to protect your Lafayette, Indiana property and belongings.

If you are renting this fall, talk to Jenna Isch at Isch Insurance to help protect your home!