Cheap Insurance vs. Value Insurance

I talk with people in the greater Lafayette, Indiana community everyday looking for auto and home insurance.  One question I always ask is: what concerns you most about your insurance?  The majority of the time the answer I get is price.  People tell me all the time they want the cheapest insurance in Lafayette. 

This answer never surprises me.  People spend a lot of money on insuranceeach year, and I can’t blame anyone for looking at ways to save money.  I want to save more too.  But, I think, what people don’t realize is the “cheap” insurance they are shopping for comes at a price, whether it is slashing coverage, loss of personal service, or a lack of a claims department.

Cheap, state minimum, PLPD only, car insurance from a 1-800 company, in my opinion, is a recipe for disaster.  First off this policy will leave you with huge out of pocket expenses if you get into an accident.  Your vehicle may not be covered and you better pray there are no injuries.

Secondly, there is no looking out for you and what is happening with your policy.  No one calls you if you miss a bill and your policy cancels, or if a discount falls off your policy and your bill increases.  At Isch Insurance Services we monitor your policy and make sure there are no changes.  If something happens we are proactive and call you first so at least you know what is happening.

What I present to my clients and prospective clients in the Lafayette community is better coverage, a better value, at a competitive price.  Included in that price is the customer service and peace of mind that someone is looking out for you.  And when you call or email you get the same people every time, and your questions are answered promptly.  Because let’s face it you get what you pay for, so why not get a little more value with your affordable price tag.