Fall Car Insurance Tips to Know

As the days get shorter in Lafayette, Indiana, there are some auto insurance tips that all drivers should know to stay safe and be accident-free.

Stay Safe When Driving at Night

One of the biggest causes of accidents happens to be the dark.  Only a quarter of all driving happens at night, but more than half of all driving deaths occur at night. 

  • Making sure all headlights and taillights are working properly is important to make sure other drivers see you coming and going. 
  • Also avoid looking directly at the headlights of oncoming drivers; this can obstruct your vision.  If oncoming drivers don’t turn down their brights, use the white line on the side of the road as a guide until they pass.

Look Out for Deer

In Lafayette, Indiana, the fall season also means deer season.  Deer can be a major hazard, especially on county roads and highways.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, deer-vehicle collisions cause more than 200 fatal accidents every year.

  • Deer often travel in groups, if you see one, there are more likely to follow
  • Damage to your vehicle form colliding with an animal, like a deer, is covered under your comprehensive coverage, not collision.  Make sure you have the right auto coverage.  At Isch Insurance, we offer regular reviews to make sure you are covered properly.

Cold Weather Means Slick Roads

Colder weather also means driving on slick pavement from frost, ice, wet leaves and even an early snow.

  • Slow down – accelerating, stopping and turning all take longer when roads are slick. 
  • Also remember to be careful on bridges and roads that are not exposed to sunlight.  These areas can be slick even when other roads are not
  • Getting in an accident due to weather can also affect your future insurance.  Even if a weather-related accident may not feel like your fault, it can still be charged that way by the insurance company.  With Isch Insurance, we can offer accident forgiveness just in case the unexpected happens.

Cold Weather and Vehicle Maintenance

Cold weather can impact more than just your driving habits.  It can also impact your car’s performance, especially your battery.  Making sure your vehicle is properly maintained is important for your safety.

  • Monitor your car for signs of a weak battery, like dimming lights, or the battery light staying on.  Keep jumper cables in your car in case of emergency, or Towing and Road Service coverage will cover a jump start.
  • Have an emergency kit on hand with blankets, warm weather gear and non-perishable food like nuts and dried fruit can come in handy in case you get stranded on the side of the road.
  • Non-clumping kitty litter can provide traction in case you get stuck in the mud.

Finally, before you leave home make sure you have proper insurance coverage on your vehicle.  Contact Jenna Isch at (765) 838-2781, for an auto insurance quote or coverage review today.