Why You Need Insurance on Recreational Vehicles

When you buy a recreational vehicle, it is easy to imagine all the fun you will have. What unfortunately slips the mind of many is that accidents can happen. While most of the time it is all fun and games, there are times when things can get messy, and I don’t just mean the mud flying in the air when you ride your ATV. Bad things happen sometimes and that is where we can help. At Isch Insurance we help clients insure their recreational vehicles. We specialize in insurance for toys like, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, boats, dune buggies, snow mobiles, RVs, travel trailers and even golf carts.

If your vehicle is registered, you need insurance!

What recreational vehicle owners need to know is that if their vehicle is registered with the BMV it must be insured. Typically, vehicles that are registered are driven on streets or highways which increases the chance of an accident. Indiana state law requires that you must have at least a minimal amount of insurance to take care of injuries and property damage you cause in an accident.

I have homeowner’s insurance. Doesn’t that cover my recreational vehicle?

The answer to this commonly asked question is, sometimes…. Homeowner’s insurance covers some damage to your recreational vehicle but many times there is a limited dollar amount. Also, the causes of loss are limited to what is covered in a home policy. This would be things like, theft or even a fire. But there could be a gap in coverage if you crash your ATV into a tree or if you accidently run into the side of someone’s car with your golf cart. Plus, a home policy only covers your vehicle while it’s on your insured property. If you take your snowmobiles or the dirt bikes to ride on Grandpa’s farm, they are no longer covered by your home policy.

So, what does insuring my recreational vehicle mean?

Insuring your recreational vehicle means that if you hit that tree in your backyard and need medical attention, you can get it. It means that if your child’s friend crashes your dirt bike in the field across the street and gets hurt, you have lawsuit protection. And, depending on the type of coverage you get for your recreational vehicle, it could mean that there will be insurance to repair or replace your recreational vehicle after something unfortunate happens. All in all, insuring your recreational vehicle provides you peace of mind. 

 If you have recreational vehicles or are buying new toys this year talk to the team at Isch Insurance. We would love to help you get the protection you need.